Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, this morning mama and I decided since it was not raining that I should take advantage of it and go outside in my Turbo. We spent a hour and half outside, I was tired!! But, it was great exercise. I love being in my Turbo, I feel so free!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oklahoma Trip

Had a great time in Oklahoma. Long trip there and back, but Curious George DVDs helped entertain me during the trip. I love that crazy monkey!! I got to go swimming and play!! I visited with Grandma Clo and Aunt Glenda. Spent time with Grandpa and Fleetie!! It was great to go on alittle trip but it is always great to be HOME!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just hanging out watching the BIG BAD storm before I went to bed. Been going to sleep early the last couple of night's. Mama says I need my rest so that I stay in a great mood so that I won't be cracky!!! Life has been busy this past week and will be busy the rest of the week, but that's LIFE!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well, I think my Daddy had a good Father's Day!!! WE had a busy weekend!! Abuelita came over on Saturday and WE laughed like crazy!! I got to spend time with my Daddy and my Grandpa Terry and Fleetie. They came over for dinner tonight, WE had a great time!!!! It was a great weekend. Was invited to a birthday party on Saturday, but I was feeling under the weather (my molars are coming in on top)!!! But, it still turned out to be a great weekend. P.S. AM I A BIG BOY OR WHAT!!!!!P.S.S. Happy Father's Day POPPY and Uncle Jeff!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I really am digging this crawling thing!! My mama and daddy are so proud of me. I am trying to get on my knees and crawl, I should have this down pretty soon. I just crawl and then sit-up. I got it down pretty well. You can tell I am still very focused on Curious George and I love to be in control of the remote. I am a Typically MAN!! I have my own personal video room!!!


Well, everyone will be very proud of me. I can feed myself without any help!!! My daddy and mama are very proud of me!! I get a spoon of food and then mama gives me a spoon of food!!! It really is a great system. I am alittle more focued on watching Curious George THE MOVIE!! And after dinner I just crawl away!! Don't you love my new camo chair, Fleetie and Grandpa bought it for me. I love eating!!!


I had such a great time!! I am fast asleep, I barely was able to stay awake for me lunch. My mama went underwater with me!! She is soooo crazy!!!


Well, I had a great time at swimming class today!!! I can stay under longer than anyone in my class. My mama actually let go of me and I swam by myself!!! This a huge acomplishment for her and for ME of course. Ms. Carla ( my swim teacher) thinks I am doing great!!! Fleetie went with us!!! She had a great time!! She is so proud of me!! Well, we will be taking alot of pics this weekend!! Happy Daddy Day out there to all you Daddies. I can not wait to spend time with my daddy tonite and this weekend!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


I had a great weekend!!! I got to spend sometime with my daddy. I go to see my Abuelita Angelina, Fleetie and Grandpa Terry!!! They all missed me while I was gone. Here are some pics of me playing in my sandbox. My abuelita and my daddy thought it would make a nice little pool for me!! In a couple of weeks I am sure I will not be able to fit in it!!! I am glad to be home, nothing is like sleeping in your own bed!!! I have a busy week ahead of me!!! Like my mama says "back to reality". She is teaching me to make the best of everything!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


I really had a good time in Utah!! It was so pretty!!! I now know why my abuelita says it is her favorite place in the USA!! It is one of my favorites also. I loved spending time with my mama. She spoils me!! But, so does everyone else. I was a very good boy on the plane, I had my own seat!! Well, I am glad to be home. I really missed my daddy and he really missed me!! But, to tell u the truth it was good to get away!!!


Well, I had a great time in Utah!!! The time change was alittle issue but I managed. It was great to see everyone!! I had alot of fun with my PAPA!! He is a cool dude!! We went to BYU university where my papa and abuelita went to school it was very nice. I liked spending time with my great-grandmother and with Ana. We went shopping, swimming and alot of other fun stuff. I went to my great-aunt Ann and great-uncle Burke's house!!! I played with there youngest daughter Janelle ( sorry if mispelled). She was very sweet to me.