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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amarillo By Morning......

Well, I got my bike!! Dad got his mule deer and Mama got to see Poppy we are all happy! We left Saturday morning at 8 am and I did great coming and going to Amarillo. Dad says I am a great traveler!! Once we got there we went to our fancy hotel that Poppy booked us and I had a blast going on the elevator...we were at the very top!! Mama, Dad and I went to the BIG TEXAN STEAK RANCH and I had a great time. Hope to see Poppy again soon! Here are some pics of my new bike...Mama and i went out with my neighbor Alex last night to see the ducks at the pond. I was sure a tired puppy we I got done riding my bike. It was a nice family trip!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lone Star Park....How I love Horses

Happy Little Family...Mama, Dad and I aren't we CUTE!

Tonight Mama, Dad, Fleetie, Grandpa Terry and I went to the horse races and did we have a blast!! I love watching the horses, I even placed a bet...Actually Mama did. Dad said that we are going to go again before the end of the season!!! Check out my new prescription sunglasses..I really like them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Landri Laing and I..

One of Mama's old friends came to visit us. I really liked playing with Landri....she is very cute. Mama and Ms. Tobi got to visit while we played. She liked all my toys!! If you notice Landri loves the camera and today I was not in the mood to have my picture taken...since Mama is always taking my picture!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Summer Cut....and Love to write

Mama took me to get my "Summer Cut"! Plus, I love to write in everything and anything! p.s. Mama went to the eye doctor tonight and she is getting glasses plus she was diagnosed with glaucoma. So she is going to see a specialist very soon! She still can see my handsome face!

Fort Worth Stockyards...with the family

Mama, Dad and I went with Fleetie and Grandpa Terry to the Stockyards...I had a great time. I love seeing the horses....I was sure tired when I home. It tough to be a little cowboy!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mama, Dad, Buster and Me!!

Tonight, We had ablast!! I walked with Mama, I fed the ducks, drove Dad's truck and played with Buster!!! We had a fun family night!! Dad thinks I will be driving with no problem in a couple of months!! Mama was super proud of me!! I was walking with her barely helping me!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barbecue Chips...I LOVE THEM!!

I love barbecue chips they are soooooooooooo tasty!! Mama and Dad are really proud of me!! I get them for a snack only!! Today, Ms. Chris came to see me Mama showed her I want to walk with very little help!! She said she is going to bring the forarm crutches next week...she said that I may skip the crutches and she start walking all by myself..if I am determined enough. Mama was very excited!! Ms. Chris thinks that I am so strong..she and I played basketball together. That was so much fun!! God willing maybe by Uncle Marshall's wedding (Jan.3rd 2009
)I will be walking by myself...I have important job in it...I am the ring bearer!! Tommorow I have a eye doctor appt. to see if I need different prescriptions and then we are off eto Hippo therapy. Mama said that we are probably going to get me pres. sunglasses...since I love being outside. By the way, I did great a swimming lessons last night with Isabel and Elise...I was such a big boy that Mama did not have to get in the pool. I sat just waiting my turn! I swam with Ms.Carla she was super proud of me!!

Playing the Rain Water....

It stormed really bad last night and there was plenty of rain water to play in. Mama and I jumped in the puddles and then she let me play in the water. Very unlike my Mama, but she could tell I was having ablast!!

Dad and I....

It is good to be back with good ol' Dad!!! He and I have a date on Saturday while Mama goes to a SB mom's night out!! Who knows what kind of trouble we can get into!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to my Old Ways....

Mama and I went swimming early this afternoon. I love to swim!!! I was sure tired because I am still asleep at 5pm...Mama is letting me catch up on my sleep!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, we just got home a couple of hours ago and Mama and I are soooo happy!! Don't get us wrong we had a great time in Utah, but nothing is like being home. We had a very exciting trip...the airport lost my suitcase...but the airport found it 6 hours later, my caths were delivered to G.Grandma Williams late. Sleeping in the hotel the 1st couple of nights were rough. I did take naps, which was good. I got to ride my new tryke that Poppy got me...we are going to Amarillo soon to pick it up and also Dad's mule deer. I got to PLAY alot...I got see horses, chickens and I even got to fish. I got to visit alot of people who think I am the greatest and bravest boy. I did ok on the way to Utah, but I did outstanding on the way home. I got to play alot with Uncle Marshall and Stewart, they were a big help to Mama. Let's just say that my Mama is one tired puppy!!! We have to thank Poppy for flying us out there and treating us very well. I walked alot...sometimes with my walker and sometimes just holding someone's hand. Mama and I have nothing tommorow and we are soooo excited we are going to veg-out!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Mama and I are leaving for Utah in the morning and WE are excited!!! Mama has been packing today and yesterday and I have had to entertain myself!! Which Mama said I did a very good job at....I like just playing with my toys and not sharing I am very good at that!!! So look for pics from our trip!! P.S. Happy Father's Day Dad (GREG)...I love you Ethan!!! P.s.s. Happy Father's Day to all the DAD's out there!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Look at Me....

Don't I look great!! I stood at my desk for 15 minutes...I did not want to sit down. This helps strengthen my leg and hiney muscles!!! I am one strong boy!!

Swimming with Dad...

I really liked swimming with Dad we had a great time in the pool together. He makes waves, splashes and other great stuff!!