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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, we just got home a couple of hours ago and Mama and I are soooo happy!! Don't get us wrong we had a great time in Utah, but nothing is like being home. We had a very exciting trip...the airport lost my suitcase...but the airport found it 6 hours later, my caths were delivered to G.Grandma Williams late. Sleeping in the hotel the 1st couple of nights were rough. I did take naps, which was good. I got to ride my new tryke that Poppy got me...we are going to Amarillo soon to pick it up and also Dad's mule deer. I got to PLAY alot...I got see horses, chickens and I even got to fish. I got to visit alot of people who think I am the greatest and bravest boy. I did ok on the way to Utah, but I did outstanding on the way home. I got to play alot with Uncle Marshall and Stewart, they were a big help to Mama. Let's just say that my Mama is one tired puppy!!! We have to thank Poppy for flying us out there and treating us very well. I walked alot...sometimes with my walker and sometimes just holding someone's hand. Mama and I have nothing tommorow and we are soooo excited we are going to veg-out!


Mom to Bin and Oaxie said...

So glad you got a tryke. Bin loves his. Are you having problems keping his feet strapped in? After Bin goes for a while his feet always seem to fall out. Also once he got going really fast with it he had a few "close calls" by turning really fast and falling over. He is a dare devil. He can't ride it now without a helmet! Watch out:) I know it must feel good to be home. Lets do try and get together soon... for or a tryke ride!!!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Is this one of those Amtrykes??