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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barbecue Chips...I LOVE THEM!!

I love barbecue chips they are soooooooooooo tasty!! Mama and Dad are really proud of me!! I get them for a snack only!! Today, Ms. Chris came to see me Mama showed her I want to walk with very little help!! She said she is going to bring the forarm crutches next week...she said that I may skip the crutches and she start walking all by myself..if I am determined enough. Mama was very excited!! Ms. Chris thinks that I am so strong..she and I played basketball together. That was so much fun!! God willing maybe by Uncle Marshall's wedding (Jan.3rd 2009
)I will be walking by myself...I have important job in it...I am the ring bearer!! Tommorow I have a eye doctor appt. to see if I need different prescriptions and then we are off eto Hippo therapy. Mama said that we are probably going to get me pres. sunglasses...since I love being outside. By the way, I did great a swimming lessons last night with Isabel and Elise...I was such a big boy that Mama did not have to get in the pool. I sat just waiting my turn! I swam with Ms.Carla she was super proud of me!!

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