Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Parties....

This is Drew, Will( he is kinda like me...enough pics already) and Mr. Jim they are sure funny!!

Well, this past weekend i was invited to some birthday parties. Saturday, Mama and I went to Caleb's birthday and i had ablast...I played basketball, went in a jump house and played hard!! Sunday, Dad, Mama and I went to my girlfriend Sam's birthday party in Joshua...I got to visit with my buddies Will and Drew. Mama and Dad got to visit with Ms. Sara and Mr. Jim. We had a great time..I got to ride a pony by the name of is a sign that i need my own pony. Dad actually is looking for one for me. My Poppy may beat him to the punch!! HA!HA!

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Samantha said...

Ethan, Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party. I really like my pretty pink blouse with rhinestones and my pug puppy in a purse that you got me. I carry it everywhere. I hope you had fun at the party. It was fun seeing you outside of music class. Hope to see you soon. Samantha Sibley