Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Deer-Blind...turned into My Tent and My Sleeping-Bag....

I love wearing my baseball cap...i am so like my DAD!!

and my Birthday is still a week and a half away. Dad bought me this tent 2 years ago and finally decided that I was old enough to appreciate it. Mama bought me my sleeping bag as a birthday present...but if any of you know my Mama she can't wait till the actually date...anyway I am getting bigger by the second. Mama just hasn't decided were we are going to put is soooo big...and it does not go with the deco. of the house!!I am doing very well and doing things beyond my parents hopes and dreams....I am proving to myself that nothing is going to get in my way....I love riding my horses..walking like a crazy man..both of my wheels on my walker are unlocked and I can GOOOO everywhere, Dad and Mama think that I have changed sooo much in 1 year. My feeding and speech are coming along nicely.

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