Monday, February 2, 2009

Dad's Birthday Weekend!!!

Mama and Dad went out to dinner Friday and they had a good time. Then Satuerday Mama and I went to see Aunt Andrea to congratulate her on her engagement...and Mama is going to help her plan for the BIG day!! Then later in the day, Mama, Dad and I went shopping new shoes for me! I needed some with more traction since I am a running machine. Sunday we went OLV and I walked, played in the leaves and just hung out with the family. But, once I got in the car Dad and Mama noticed that me face was very red and that I had a temp. so the party was over. I did not got to school today because Mama wanted to make sure I was alright and did not want to ger my other friends sick. I feel alot better this afternoon!! Happy Birthday DAD!!

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