Monday, July 27, 2009

Swimming Machine

I am obsessed with swimming! I swim everyday..except if it is raining! I have been very busy this summer..learning new things, going to new places, it has been a roller coaster of a summer. Last week, I had my yearly urodynamics test done and I did great! My bladder looks great....I have low bladder control that is why i leak between caths but Dr. Rudy said that if all goes well that as I grow up...probabaly around 12 or 13 my prostate gland will grow and I will be able to control my bladder and maybe only have to cath myself 2x a day...WOW! He does not want to see my for another 1 1/2! Mama and Dad got a A++! I have a MRI on Wednesday which Mama isn't really looking forward to...but we need to check some stuff out! I have a kidney ultrasound next week and a couple of other eye doctor...etc. Stuff that Mama wants to get out of the way before school starts! All my teachers and therapists are going to fall out of there chairs when they see ME!!! I am a talking, walking machine!!!! Another I have been obsessed with is STAR WARS...I know at least 15 characters by name! I can also count to 16 and doing really well with my ABC's.!


Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Woo-hoo Ethan!! Glad to hear all is well with the urinary tract.

I am also proud of your hard work learning your numbers and alphabet.

Mom to Bin and Oaxie said...

Hi Marissa! Ethan looks great. We just had all of our appointments 2 weeks ago. That week is always so hectic! Hope I can make next MNO.