Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alot of news to share...



So what has "not" been happening at our house for the last 2 weeks..you ask? After Ethan's superman experience it seem things just went down hill fast. To sum it up..I have seen our pediatrician 5 times in the last 10 days. First, Ethan was diagnosed with croup then turned into sinus infection/bronchitis by Tuesday and by Friday he had walking pneumonia and now has possibly has seasonal asthma! He has been on a breathing treatment since Easter Sunday. Thank GOD..Dr. J is open on weekends and that we always get in with no problem. Ethan has been a great kid about the whole thing. He has missed a lot of school...but I am a firm believer...please leave your kids at home if they are sick so you don't get anyone else sick. That is a whole other subject! Then to top this all off...this past Friday Greg and I took Ethan to his orthopedist in Hurst for x-rays and to get a prescription of new AFO's( the boy wears these out)! He was a great! I also had a Dr. appt. in Fort Worth with my orthopedist to find out how my foot was doing so I had to leave before we got the results back. Needless to say...the results blew our minds...Ethan's left is dislocating..which is called PARALYTIC HIP DISLOCATION. I got the news over the phone while waiting to see Dr.C....I did not take it very well at all. Dr.C told me where to take him and who to see for a second opinion. Dr.Q Ethan's ortho. talked about surgery and said she would wait. We will know more after we talk next week to the other Ortho. at Cook's. This has been very heavy on my heart and has really tested my faith. This past weekend I personally a basket case. I kinda have isolated myself from everyone and for that I am sorry. I have to tell you both of my parents have been very supportative and great listeners. My mother has really helped me alot with my feelings and my sadness...but I informed me that this to shall pass and to be strong. Because Greg and Ethan both need me. Terry and Fleet also have been very supportive and making sure that we are ok! WE work so hard( Ethan, I and Greg) for Ethan to be soo strong. I felt like I was getting my heart ripped into a trillion pieces. Yesterday, I spoke Mrs. Lisa..Ethan's PT at the stables and she has 4 kids that ride at the stables who have had this surgery and the outcomes have been great! WE have noticed that he is dragging his left foot a little...but he corrects and starts walking straight. And of course when he walks/running fast it is completely straight. Dr. Q says it won't get better but that surgery is a very serious thing. We just don't want it to get worse so that is why I am on a mission to get all the info. I can get. The great news he still gets to ride Magic and swim with Mr. Matt. Greg is handling the news well...I think what helps him is that he knows that I will stop at nothing to make sure we get the right care and answers that we need. So I will keep you updated on this subject.
In other news, Greg and I have decided to stop Feeding Therapy for NOW... and for us to work has a team on the feeding issue.... u ask that boy has feeding issues? We are reading this book about feeding a child with special needs and I think it is going to help us. Will keep u posted.
In happy news...WE want to wish Happy Birthday to a few folks...Paw Paw Rine 3/30, Aunt Andrea 4/5, Cousin Bailee 4/10, Fleetie 4/12 and Uncle Jeff 4/29!

I ask all of you to pray of my sweet, loving,talkative, opinionated, determined Ethan!!!


Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Always praying for our sweet, boy Ethan. I love him!!

What book are you reading. Ciaran doesn't eat and is on PediaSure.

You are doing a great job, Mommy!! I understand the need to be solitude for awhile. We have so much to think about...outside of the norm.

HJolley said...

Wow, Marissa! We sure hope you are doing well. Keep us posted on this situation. You are in our prayers!

Your cousin,