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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miley Cyrus: The Climb..what a climb!

This song kinda sums up how I have been feeling these days. The last few weeks have been very trying. Ethan is the best little boy in the world. Ethan makes me smile so big when things are going a little rough. His attitude is a inspiration. I wish I could be strong like him. We are going to Cook's for a Pre-OP on Monday(the 13th) for Ethan to tour the hospital..I am excited for him to understand the whole process. Then on the 15th we go for the Pre-op for his surgery on the 20th...along with the long list of questions for Dr.Gray. Ethan and I have been super busy with dr.appts. Just wanted to get all our ducks in a row. Ethan and I both got our blood tested and we are both I get to give him my blood which makes me feel good. I just found out today from my GI that the best approach would to get me started on Remicade infusion..which is very serious but effective...which is what I need. I hope to start next week before Ethan's surgery. I have been in alot of pain and feeling very discourged. We feel REALLY good about Ethan's surgery and know we are doing the right thing. He loves being so free but we can tell that he is getting tired quickly, this is not like our big boy. HE always is running around everywhere. We added a seat to his walker which he really likes and allows him to rest and go back to running around. So I ask everyone out there who reads this blog for BIG prayers. We will keep you posted!!!!

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