Friday, December 10, 2010

The Last 2 weeks....CRAZY!

Ethan's Star Wars Tree!

Ryan and Greg

So, the last 2 weeks have been crazy. Between Greg going hunting with his buddies, putting Christmas Tree up(Ethan's Star Wars Christmas Tree), Dr. Appts out of control(which is good...Ethan weighs 51 lbs and is 46 inches tall..Dr.J says he is in perfect health), Ethan's ARD(which went Great!), Getting all the therapies lined up for the new year and the most EXCITING news: Ethan is WALKING..I was brought to tears when I gave Ethan his walker and he just went and was saying, "Mama, I am walking, look at me I am walking"! Everyone is AMAZED to say the least! I feel so great about everything...Ethan is doing great! Went to swimming and he did awesome...went to put a lift in his left shoe and Mr. Frank was also amazed in the difference. I have a feeling Ethan is going to have a great school year and he is excited to start all his activites. I will be posting his new schedule this weekend. WE have a excited weekend ahead! At the end of the day...I am so blessed and happy from head to toe! Things are going great for The Rine Family!

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amybresee said...

He looks so great! Can't wait to get together with everyone!