Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing but....Extraordinary!!!

Fleetie's Birthday present from "All The Grandchildren"!!!

The Apache Angels Foundation

New friends we met: "Hailey" Ethan really liked Hailey!!

With Lisa Stadujhar"the best Hippo Therapist",Ethan loves her!

Traveler...aka our future horse!!!

Miracle League: He loves it!!!! WE are so proud of him!!!

Happy Easter!!!

So, were do I begin. This month of April to say the least has been crazy! Between selling our house in 35 DAYS and trying to buy a house in Justin, Texas before May 29th has added some stress in our little life.
Greg left for his UTAH MAN TRIP on April 9th and we had a offer and contract by 4pm that day! Don't get me wrong we are so happy we sold our house, but between everything came really fast!
Ethan and I have been so busy, between all his therapies and Dr.checkups. Plus, all of his public appearances...aka Apache Angels Foundation(thanks Paw Paw and Fleetie for coming)!
Ethan's surgery is pure success, Dr. G said his hip looks great! He is pure amazement. He started Miracle League and he loves it! His good friends Caleb and Nate are on his team. A couple of his old friends from Kooken are on the team also!!

He is doing great on his quad canes and we are working on single point canes. HE is so grown up...he weighs close to 60 pounds and almost 4ft tall! He is so smart...he got a A+ on his assessment at school in Math!! Ethan keeps Greg and I on our feet! He is such a grown-up kid. I know he grew up to fast, but did not have a choice....with all of his stuff! The surgery back in September 2010 for his hip made him have to grow-up and at times makes me sad/happy because he is soooo strong physically and emotionally. Ethan is such a extraordinary person there is nothing about him that is ordinary! He is so polite and respectful...and pure joy! He is so excited about moving to his "dream house"! We are going to get him for his birthday a "miniture pop-belly pig", named "FRENCH FRY"!
It has been a little stressful around the Rine Household but it is getting better! We are very excited but we will be very sad to leave our family and friends that are super close to us!( I am talking 1.5 to 11 miles away)!

I may not blog for awhile but we are doing great!!!

p.s. April Birthday's: Jimmy April 10th, Fleetie 12th and Uncle Jeff 29th!!! Happy Birthday to ALL!

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Jenna said...

HI Ethan!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site.
U are an amazing brave, courageous, strong fighter. U are an inspirational hero.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease.