Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, my Poppy's Birthday was on the 10th of September. Mama feels bad that she has not gotten this blog up sooner. We have been super busy....we will leave that to another blog entry!! I have been doing GREAT! My swallow study went better than GREAT it was out of the ball park GREAT....I can EAT normal FOOD!!!! And that my speech is on target for the most part...we have some work to do....but I talk like a grown-up! I love school...I am going to start riding the bus from school in the next couple of days...Mama is nervous but I know that I will be OK! I am walking all over the place with my walker plus with my quad canes. Mama has to run after me because I am soooooooooooooo FAST! In other great news...starting very soon I will be moving up to PRE-K class for 30 minutes a day because my speech has come so far in the last 3 months. Thanks to Mrs. Patricia....I will miss her sooo very much...this means that she did her job very well)!!!! But, I am not leaving my Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Lisa or Ms. Prisclia...the world would have to come to a end very quickly!

So HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY to all of my grandparents. To my Poppy, Ita,Paw Paw and Fleetie.... Happy Happy Grandparents Day. Also, to my Mis-Abuelitos in Merida( Abuelito Cezar y Victoria(Toye), My Great-grandmother Williams in Utah and also my Great-Grandmother Clo in Oklahoma.

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