Monday, October 12, 2009

Oklahoma Trip

So this past weekend...Mama, Dad and I went to Nash, Oklahoma. And then Aunt Andrea showed up and surprised us!!! WE had a blast! For the last few weeks all I have been talking about is hunting and fishing every minute of the day! I shot my first rifle this weekend and I was so was a .22 rifle it belongs to my Paw Paw Terry. I saw cows, foxes, donkeys and sooo many deer.
We went to the Lambs and hung out...rode my 4-wheeler and played with Mason and his friend Chris. Mr. Mark is my new best friend..all I wanted to do is "let's go Hunting". Aunt Andrea and Mr. Malcolm Lamb got to hang out..he is a very sweet man. Mama had fun catching fish..she can bait her own hook and removes her own fish...she is soooo cool!

We went to see Great-Grandma Clo this weekend...she and I bonded! I raced her down the hall with my walker and I won! We went out to lunch and talked about everything.

We went to OSU and ate at Eskimo Joe's for lunch and got some new shirts...for Mama and I. I like "Oklahoma school".

Anyway, it was a great weekend and we had sooo much fun! We were kinda sad about coming home because it is sooo peaceful there and now we are back to reality!!

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