Friday, March 12, 2010

Mama's New Ride...Actually...

So Mama can take me to all of my therapies!

This is the booster seat that goes in Dad's NEW RED later...he got his for his 40th Birthday!

Plenty of room for my walker and riding helmet for riding Magic.

Actually, Ethan says it's his "new car". He and I love it! Ethan can get in and out of this Honda Odyseey EX all by himself! Which is great! I am taking really good care of it. I did really like my Tahoe but it was getting alittle hard picking a 50 lb. boy everyday! So the month of March has been my month!


crystal said...

Nice new shiny ride! Cannot wait to take a spin in it!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

The Honda Odyssey is my favorite van. I hope to get one soon. I have a Ford Windstar and have put over 50,000 miles on it since Ciaran was born