Friday, July 16, 2010

More Disney World.....

So...where do I begin. First, of all big thank you to Poppy and Ana for the trip! It was great!!! We had a great time!! Ethan did great! He did great on the plane rides plus he was a great sport about the parks...he and I stayed at least between 5-6 hours for the first four days and then we had to take a break and just hang out at the hotel. Ethan walked actually alot...His favorite park was Magic Kingdom! They were super sweet there! We never waited in any lines which was great! Ethan is fearless, I on the other hand with age have become less of a rebel. When we went to Magic Kindgom the first time, he and I were about to leave but he wanted to stay for the parade. I am so glad we did...he was walking and waiting patiently for the parade to start and we had Disney employee come over and ask us if this was our first time, Ethan's name...a few seconds later we were invited to be in the VIP section of the parade and it gave Ethan the opportunity to meet all of the Disney characters. I of course starting crying has we walked to the VIP section and crowd started clapping for Ethan. It was soooooo cool! We had a great time!!!!

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