Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Guy...little patience

Big E is doing well, but is getting very frustrated with the whole cast thing. It is really starting to itch him, so we have been giving benadryl at least 2x a day. He is sleeping pretty good, and has been taking naps again. Friday night he had a hard night and Saturday he was MR.CRANKY. Greg and I were is shock on how upset he was. He has not been that upset in at least 2 years! HE is very much into Star Wars and Tom and Jerry! Everything else is going pretty smooth. HE knows his Birthday is coming up and we decided to do Star Wars shopping via-Internet on and he just added 7 items to the cart by himself! Greg and I are convinced that either Ethan will be a doctor when he grows up or a computer wizard. He has taught me stuff on the computer. It is amazing!!! WE have been doing some school stuff and he really enjoys it. I am soooo excited for him to go to school again and of course the bonus is I will be there also. He will be going to Creme-Prep at Creme de la Creme. HE will be with kids that just turned 5 but could not go to kindergarten due birthday cut-off.
WE are just excited about the part of our lives to come to a end. 4 weeks down....4 weeks to go!!! WE are super proud of him....GO BIG E!!!

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