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Friday, October 19, 2007


After, Fleetie and Grandpa left I wanted to go back outside. Mama was a little tired and she had her long pj bottoms on because she wanted us to relax....but not I. I nodded at her to tell her "yes" that I wanted to get in my Turbo and I wanted to go outside. SOOO.... we did and I loved it. It was sooo nice outside. Well, I decided that my mama needed to run, so I saw some dogs and decided to chase them, mind you they are across the street. So...I got my Turbo to go super speed and I jumped the curb, luckliy my mama is very fast and she got a hold of the front of my Turbo. I gave her a small heart attack. But, I was not fazed at all. Let me just say that I was a very tired little man and now I am sleeping soundly.

Some new things I have been doing: 1) trying to learn how the cath myself 2) will not sit still for a diaper change or to be cathed..doing it in the big toilet, climbing on windsills 3) eating chips and spicey food 4) pulling my self to stand ..when I want too 5) leaning how to put my toys away after I am done playing with them 6) talking alot more...just have to listen carefully to understand me "Where are we going", "What are we doing" and "NO" 7)Sucking out of a straw..I like to drink SPRITE 8) Making everyone sooo happy!


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