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Sunday, September 21, 2008

DAD'S 20th Class Reunion....

Mama and Dad went to his 20th class reunion while I stayed home with Abuelita and I did great...I slept the whole time. Mama and Dad had a great time...people told Dad that he had not changed a bit. Mama and Ms.Kim danced the night away...Mama danced with some of Dad's high school buddies...which was funny. Dad was very popular with the girls as per usual...Mama just laughed. They showed pics of me...everyone thought I was very CUTE as per usual. Anyway, they had a great time and were glad they were only 5 minutes away from home at the end of the night.

Mama and Dad...aren't they cute. Dad told Mama that she was the youngest and the most beautiful girl there...and that he was glad that she was his date.

Dr. Jared and Ms. Kim aren't they cute!!

This a pic of Dad with some old high school girlfriends..they are twins...Dad sure has not lost his touch with the ladies!!!

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