Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are still ALIVE!

Ethan's surgery went well...the feeding issue is still there but we have somewhat of a game plan...we will have a better idea after his swallow study on the 9th of September. He was sooo brave about the whole thing. The down side of this is that he can not swim or ride Magic for 5 weeks, which is a bigger bummer, but he still gets to go to the stables and do his PT with Mrs. Lisa. The other bad thing is that he can't horse around and engage himself and rough play or jungle gyms unless someone is right behind all the time..a discussion I will have to have with his teachers. I can not believe he starts school on Monday...I sure and going to miss him but I know he is very loved at school.
The surgery was a good thing...his valve was not working properly so that was replaced. Decompression surgery came up but between Dr. D, Greg and I that is the very last thing we want to do...so we deal with it one day at a time. I am so glad that I always go with my gut feeling and it has not failed me yet!

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