Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun!!!

My Mama and I!!!

Swimming with Mr. Matt!

So today we went to swimming and Ethan is doing GREAT! He can go almost 3-4ft down and get something out of the water plus going down the BIG HUGE slide! He and Mr. Matt have so much fun together. Today, they practiced on life-jacket/boat safety and he did great! Then, we went to pick up Ita and we went to lunch...we always have a great time with her. I see myself turning into my mother in soooo many ways! Which I am glad I am. She always makes me feel better about things and she makes me laugh so hard! I am so grateful that I have her so close to me. Ethan loves to push my buttons in front of her because he knows that his Ita will save him from any trouble.
P.S. Happy Birthday to my Tia Gladys in Merida...she and I have always been close even though we are thousands of miles away...My Tia Gladys saved me several times from my own mother when I pushed her buttons! Happy 51! Te quiero mucho! Also, Uncle Marshall will be turning the BIG 30 on the 9th of August!! Now Ita and Poppy have all there kids in there 30's!!! Love ya!

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