Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 more weeks....till Ethan is on his FEET!

So, Tuesday Ethan and I went to pick up his brace. Let's just say that Ethan was not very happy, but came to realize that this brace was going to be apart of him for the next six months. As we drove home I became very sad thinking about how extraordinary Ethan is....he is the BEST LITTLE GUY IN THE WORLD...and I am so very honored that he is MINE.
There are some changes that have happened the last couple of weeks that I am going to share. I will not be returning to work and that Ethan will be attending Kooken once again beginning in January. I was very disappointed but have seen the silver lining in this. It was the perfect solution. Ethan and I were going to be together, therapies were close to the school and I was going to get some independence that I wanted. Don't get me wrong, I blessed that Gregory has a great job which has kept me able to be a SAHM. When driving home Tuesday I realized that Ethan needs 150% of my time and I am honored to do it. Hopefully, after the 6th of December Ethan will be getting on his feet. He will have a busy schedule. I know we did the right thing about this surgery and I don't look back. I know one day Ethan will be grateful also. Will keep y'all posted on the upcoming schdule. Can't believe he is going to be 5 in 3 days!!!


amybresee said...

So glad that Ethan is recovering so well! We miss seeing you guys, but glad that we have been able to stay connected through your blog. Hugs to you and Ethan!! Happy Birthday to Ethan a few days early from Nathan!

Mom to Bin and Oaxie said...

Wow! How exciting to have those casts off! What a relief. I know it felt like it would never get here! Hopefully he is getting used to the brace. Give him a happy birthday hug from us!!