Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, yesterday we were all pumped up for Ethan to get his cast off only to find out that they sent the wrong size brace. They sent a XS...their is nothing x-small about Ethan. Poppy came along for the ride which was nice...it was helpfully to have another set of ears. I was given alot of information. So, I was given the choice either to leave Ethan in his cast or put a leg brace and a therapy pillow on. I chose the leg brace because I knew how much he wanted out of the cast. It was kinda of funny the nurses and staff were actually wanted Ethan's input on the decision. So, today we are going back to Cook's to get his brace. He can not put ANY weight bearing on his feet for 3 weeks. HE is allowed to crawl...but that is up to him. If does fine, if doesn't fine also. I know he is going to try to stand-up and walk so if should be very interesting. So we will probably start therapies in a month from now or wait till the new year. Anyways, he has already tried to get off the bed by himself....this should be really interesting. He loved taking a bath last night. Will keep y'all updated.

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