Monday, November 22, 2010


Happy Birthday to the BEST BOY in the WORLD!!!! We had a great day!! Actually, it was a great Birthday weekend. Ethan was the center of attention per unusual. It is crazy how Ethan has grown up. We will go down memory lane this week. So look for that post! Ethan got to spend time with Poppy, Ana and Nikki on Saturday and then Sunday we got to spend time with Fleetie, Paw Paw, Abuelita and Aunt Andrea. Thanks for all the presents. Greg and I got him a 4-wheeler from Bass Pro and he loves it! Thanks to Mrs. Carey who made my birthday cake...Ethan loved it! More pics to come!

p.s. Happy November Birthday's to my Tia Sandra and Abuelita Victoria in Merida. Also, to Isabel: Happy 11th B-day!

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