Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sooo...Big E

We went to Dr. Jones and he said I could have a viral infection, walking pneumonia or bronchoctis...so he gave a presc. and told us to take the day off tommorow to see what happens. I felt great after I got my french fries and ate my dinner. By the looks of me you can tell that I love food.
So that brings the topic of interest this evening. Dad notices that I have a double chin..but it is common in my family...look at my Mama. So Mama decided to check were my percentiles were standing and they are at 97th percentile for height and weight...so I am even...42lbs and 42 inches tall. My BMI is 16.8 which is very healthy. And to the looks of things by the age of 18 years old if I continue to grow at the spend I am...I should be 6'2..watch out Uncle Marshall! So I am very healthy other than catching the cold here and there.
Mama really hates that I miss school and my other activites such has Hippo, Speech and OT but she is firm believer NOT to take your kids to school when they are sick...she hated when parents brought there kids to school in her class because slowly everyon e one would get sick including herself. So I hope I can go back to school on Thursday and swimming that night...I get Mr. Matt all to myself...so I can show off. I have 2 Easter egg hunts this weekend that I have to be better for..it's a MUST!

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Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Goodness Little Man, I hope you feel better soon. I think you are absolutely adorable whether you have chin or three!!