Monday, March 16, 2009

WE are still ALIVE!!

I am doing great!!! I am such a good boy for my Mama and Dad. What has been going on, well I LOVE SCHOOL and I am learning alot of stuff!! Mickey Mouse is my new best friend...I love the Disney channel...I talk alot to the T.V. soo that makes Mama happy that I am talking. I went go my 1st field trip and I did the Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth. I love riding the school bus. I ate 2 cheese sticks at a resturant on Friday night with Poppy and Uncle Stewart. I love my Uncle Stewart very much, he soooo good to me. My favorite food still is Sonic french fries! I still love to read books..about anything. I love feeding the ducks by my house! I am walking like a crazy man...Dad and Mama have a hard time keeping up with me because I am sooo FAST!!!

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