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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The next chapter of in our lives....

So, after a lot of thought and praying we decided that I would go back in get my Emergency Teaching Certification this Spring. I have 5 night classes and 4 Saturday Classes. Yuck! Plus, I have to take a total of 3 tests. Do 15 hours of Internet tutorials and STUDY!!! This is really important to me because I really want to teach where Ethan will be for the first couple of years. After, the let down about Creme before Christmas I figured the best thing was to get back, "on the saddle again"!!! I am nervous and excited about it all at the same time. The tricky thing will be finding the time to do it all! I am hoping to be able to study at the library, workout, clean house and do the other million things on my plate. But, like I say "I do my best work under pressure." Let's just see if it works this time!!!

P.S. January BIRTHDAYS! Happy to Cousin Jeb he turned 5 on the 12th. My Cousin Andrea in Merida she turned 17 on the 16th. Aunt Crystal on the 18th...and if u are over 21 I will not reveal your age! Our friend Chole turned to 2 on the 16th. Future Birthdays are my friend Elise will be 7 on the 23rd! And the most handsomest man in the world Greg will be turning 41! I can reveal his age! So, if I forgot anyone, SORRY!

P.s.s. I just wanted to wish my Abuelitios "Feliz Aniversario" they celebrated 61 years of marriage in December!!!


Jamie said...

Good luck, sounds like a great plan!

j2c2hap said...

You will do great!

Melissa said...

It was great to meet you! You are a cutie! I left your note on the table but remembered your blog. Etahn is a cutie! If u get a chance email me the other blog u told me to follow.


It was a pleasure to meet u also. You are a doll and your husband is soooo funny! My cousins website is

I will be posting pics from the trip. Good luck with the new baby!