Monday, May 19, 2008

It has been crazy...

Sorry that ya'll have not seen alot of pics of me this past week. Mama and I have been busy getting back into the grove of things. I have been doing great!! My results of my EGD came back and I am offically off my inhaler and one more month of prevacaid!! WE are soo happy! My esphoghosits is gone!!! I have been walking up a storm. Ms. Chris brought over these things called dancing sticks...they are to help me get ready for my forearm crutches. I am offically 2 1/2 years old in two daysand Mama bought me some presents...I got a new desk and organizers for my "Mini Toys R Us" room...Abuelita calls it that. Mama and I have my summer schdule all planned out it is as follows:

Monday:Free day..for now
Tuesday: Ms.Lauri OT (everyother) and Music Lessons at TCU with Will and Drew
Wed. Hippo and Swimming at Ms. Anna's
Thursday: Ms.Chris PT
Friday: Speech/Feeding with Ms. Patricia
Sat.and Sunday: Hanging out with Dad

Hope to fit in some playdates with Nathan, Caleb and Bryce

I will be out of town May23rd-26th in Oklahoma, Utah June 11th-15th.

The pics that are being posted are of Mama, Dad and I at the park, at Lowe's, playing in the wagon pool and at my desk!!