Monday, May 5, 2008

My New Friend..Fred

SOOOO....My Mama has offical lost her mind. Mama has been telling Dad that she wants a little lap puppy. But, Dad said NO!!! So, Mama decided to get her and i a Baby Chick...named Fred. Fred is very sweet....I like him from a distance, but we will end being great friends. Last night, Buster got a hold of me and Dad saved Fred. But, Dad could not find him in the this morning Mama found Fred in my friend Alex's backyard. Mam cleaned him up and gave him fresh water and food...Mama made him hrd boiled egg with some pepper. Mama is sure that Fred will be one healthly chick under this roof. Mama is going to have Fred live inside in a box that Grandpa Terry brought over...until Dad can fix the cage. Fred is sleeping we are going to let him rest. Fleetie, Grandpa Terry and Abuelita Angelina think Mama has lost her mind... Poppy just thinks she is silly and she is!!!

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j2c2hap said...

Pics are adorable. Ethan's expressions are priceless.

Yes, Marissa, you've lost your mind... why not a hamster or turtle?
Fred... you are adorable, and A LOT bigger than I thought you'd be. You are going to be a full size chicken pretty soon.