Thursday, May 8, 2008

To The Park.....

Mama and I went to the park this morning and I had a blast. I chased birds, went down slides, visited with kids that were on field trip. Mama was super proud of me because I held onto her two fingers and walked and climbed steps all by myself. Now I am taking a much needed nap....Mama told me that she would wait for me to give Buster a bath. She has a long list of other things to get down like ironing, folding laundry....etc.

Yesterday, Ethan had a EGD and MRI. Everything went very well. We have taken him off of the Flovent inhaler and hope to take him off the prevacaid in a couple of months. We get the results of his MRI on Monday. We pray everything looks great!!! Ethan did very well until 6 nurses came into his room and I had to lay him down....then he got MAD!! HE is one strong little boy!! It took 4 of the nurses plus me to keep him down until he was knocked out. When he closed his eyes I gave him a BIG KISS and told all of them to take VERY GOOD CARE of him. That is the hardest part of me...but I did pretty good. Once he woke-up and he started pulling at is IV, so they had to put a cast on him until we got back there with him. I am glad that Ethan has alittle attitude..he sure has is own personality and agenda. Once we were there he was much happier..and so were Mama and Dad.

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