Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oklahoma...It was a fun trip!!!

We had a very good time in Nash, Oklahoma. Aunt Crystal and Uncle Jeff think that Mama has OCD and Dad has ADD. Mama was always cleaning the toys up and Dad could not sit still. What a match!! I got to play with my cousins Jeb and Hoak. Jeb and I are a great team....and Hoak is just a sweet baby. I got to swim, pet a donkey, fed sheep and ride the 4-wheeler with my Dad. That was super fun..Mama was a nervous wreck. I was a very good boy driving there and back. I slept really well. I was always on the move. I walked alot..sometimes with my walker and sometimes I would try to walk just holding Mama's hand. Everyone was very impressed with me. I talked alot...I called Jeb by his name...JEBBY,JEBBY. It was pretty funny!I had a great time but,nothing is like being in your own bed. I can not wait to see my cousins again. Fleetie and Grandpa Terry were vry happy to have all of us together.

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