Thursday, May 29, 2008

Went to see the GI doctor...

Mama and I went to see Dr. Bankole Osuntokun...I really like him. Mama likes him also because he listens to what Mama thinks. Anyway, I have been experencing alittle bit of gagging, hiccups and the Doc is putting me back on my inhaler. Mama was ok with this because she can tell it was bothering me. I walked all over the dr.'s office..I especially liked going on the elevator. I have not had any Zyrtec for 4 days because I am having a skin test tommorow. My allergies are getting to me. Well, Poppy is coming to see me today and tommorow and Uncle Stewart is coming over also and bringing his Great Dane. I can't wait. I was watching Curious George (my favorite show) and the next thing Mama knew I was sayng "GEORGE,GEORGE", Mama was sooooo happy.

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